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Adansonia digitata

Adansonia digitata

Rare species in Nawab Wajid Ali Shah zoological garden Lucknow campus The Parijaat tree is adding four moons to the beauty of the Zoological Garden. The scientific name of the Parijaat tree is ‘Adansonia digitata’. It is also called Gorakh tamarind, vilayati tamarind, (Hindi), gach (Bengali), kalpa tree. According to Ayurveda scripture, this tree has many benefits. Its letters, floral roots, seeds and bark are all considered very useful. Wax is beneficial in diseases of bile and kidneys. The age of trees of this species is estimated to be 1 to 5 thousand years. On the other hand, it is also said about this tree that its branches, instead of drying out, tend to fade (ingest) upon shrinking.

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